Eman Vector 99 cm

These skiboards combines nimble narrow and also stabile fat skiboards. As you can see Vectors shape a bit prefere ride forward - many of us prefere it. Tip is little wider than tail and stance is 2 cm offset back.

These skiboards are made for all who prefere high speed with quick carves. Short turning radius 6,2 m in cooperation with natural wood flex will help you to enjoy riding slope down. 


lenght 999 mm
mount pattern 4x4
turning radius 6,2 m
width tip/waist/tail 13,1/9,8/12,2 cm
height tip/tail 3,7/3,1 cm
weight 1837 g 


Scratch Durable Topsheet
Triaxial Fiberglass
Poplar Woodcore
Stainless Steel Inserts 4x4
Triaxial Fiberglass
Rubber Strips
ABS Sidewall
Stainless Steel Edges
P-TEX Sintered Base